Briefs & Publications

Sometimes, CERC issues press releases or communiqués on subjects relevant to the educational resources marketplace.

The following OpEd item by 2010 CERC Chair Chris Besse — on the subject of the current copyright reform legislation –- appeared in the Vancouver Sun on November 17th: Copyright law threatens Canadian content

On the same subject, Greg Nordal, President and CEO of Nelson Education was interviewed on CBC’s “As it Happens”. Here is that interview:

On occasion, CERC prepares and submits briefs on subjects pertaining to learning resources. A sample of some recent briefs is listed below.

July 2010: Supporting Canada’s Learners in the 21st Century (Submission to the National Consultation on Improving Canada’s Digital Advantage)

September 2009: Submission to the National Consultation on Copyright Modernization

December 2005: Ontario Funding for Textbooks and Learning Materials Towards Equity and Stability:Meeting the Challenge

March 2004: Suggestions for Improving the Transparency of Curricular Processes in British Columbia

September 2002: Aligning Results with Intentions: Funding for Learning Resources in Ontario