Welcome to CERC

CERC, the voice of Canada’s learning resources industry, represents the major Canadian educational publishers. Our member firms produce roughly 80% of the student learning resources currently used in Canadian schools.

Through CERC, the learning resources industry works co-operatively with teachers, administrators and educational policy makers in an effort to ensure that Canadian classrooms are well supplied with the finest learning resources possible.

CERC monitors political, economic and pedagogical trends across Canada and maintains close liaison with Ministries/Departments of Education, educators and parents’ organizations.

New media, new technologies and new methodologies are changing the face of Canada’s educational markets. The fast pace of change and the increasingly varied needs of educational jurisdictions have added challenging new dimensions to the traditional task of resourcing Canada’s schools.

CERC is an association whose members embrace change and advocate for sound approaches on the part of Canada’s education systems in planning for the transition to a future in which there is an increased role for a broad range of learning resources in Canadian schools.